Amenity: Wi-Fi Internet Access (free of charge)

20 m² 2 adults

The Cozy Room is defined by its charming simplicity and inviting warmth, creating a compact yet comfortable space.

Roksani | Vereniki

18 m² 2 adults

Welcome to our Classic Room, where simplicity meets elegance in perfect harmony, creating a cheerful and comfortable ambiance.

20 m² 2 adults

Indulge in the serene allure of our Velvet Room, meticulously crafted to envelop you in relaxation within a sophisticated atmosphere.

20 m² 2 adults

Step into the embrace of our elegantly decorated Modern Room, where warmth and sophistication intertwine in perfect harmony.

Clio | Myrto

20 m² 2 adults

Welcome to the Marble Room, a luxurious haven exuding upscale comfort and relaxation from the moment you arrive.

30 m² 4 adults

Discover the charm of our inviting Two-Bedroom Pindos View room, exuding a warm and homey ambiance that will make you feel right at ease.

24 m² 2 adults

Relax and rejuvenate in our charming Stone Room. Embrace the intimate, nature-inspired décor with soft hidden lighting that sets a cozy and mellow atmosphere, perfect for unwindin